Defense and Security

Since its inception six years ago, SGI has been extremely active in many market sectors in Iraq, including, but not limited to, the following:

SGI understands the sensitive, critical nature and evolving operational requirements of the Defense, Military and Government sector and addresses the industry engagement of crisis or conflicts by bridging a gap with advanced strategic & critical technologies and services.

SGI knowledge and years of experience ensures its global defense clients to gain positive  results in their efforts to attract business in Iraq. SGI fills the missing link for its clients that is seeking to provide technology and service  Iraqis defense agencies.  SGI also engages Iraq MOD  to seek  advanced technology solutions and services by this to ensuring its valuable customers integrity and business continuity.

SGI defense and security service includes but not limited to; consultancy, due diligence, logistics, representation, and legal services.vide unique service in Iraq.


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