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Since its inception six years ago, SGI has been extremely active in many market sectors in Iraq, including, but not limited to, the following:

SGI services include consulting and government relations on both the Iraqi national and regional levels, as well as throughout the several ethnic communities that make up Iraq.  SGI offers consultation and lobbying services to foreign and domestic companies, businesses, and special interest groups who need to efficiently and effectively navigate the Iraqi laws and governmental bureaucracy.  

The SGI consultancy team of  well seasoned subject matter experts and former government officials provides the best in sector services to its clients in Iraq.  To Date, SGI represents several well respected multi-billion dollar international corporations, including Raytheon Corporation, Star Capital among others and help  them present their services and products to Iraqi Government Ministries and Commercial sector.

SGI’s Turbo Services Division is one of the Iraq’s leading firms in the field of renovation and rehabilitation of Iraq’s power generation infrastructure. SGI ‘s engineers and technicians are among the best and brightest in the power generation sector. Many of SGI’s power generation senior managers have decades of experience as former MOE and major manufacturer employees, and they all are highly experienced in power generation, transmission and distribution.

SGI Turbo team is well respected by Iraqi Ministry of electricity (MOE),   SGI through years SGI team support MOE  with  spare parts, consumables and  know-how. SGI provide it services to MOE  in timely and cost effective fashion and help MOE to keep it power generation, and transmission well maintained.   SGI is well respected by MOE, SGI  enjoys strong relation with MOE Departments due to year of interaction and partnership with MOE.

SGI understands the sensitive, critical nature and evolving operational requirements of the Defense, Military and Government sector and addresses the industry engagement of crisis or conflicts by bridging a gap with advanced strategic & critical technologies and services.

SGI knowledge and years of experience ensures its global defense clients to gain positive  results in their efforts to attract business in Iraq. SGI fills the missing link for its clients that is seeking to provide technology and service  Iraqis defense agencies.  SGI also engages Iraq MOD  to seek  advanced technology solutions and services by this to ensuring its valuable customers integrity and business continuity.

SGI defense and security service includes but not limited to; consultancy, due diligence, logistics, representation, and legal services.


SGI’s translation and recruiting services are among the best in the country.  SGI has helped many major US and International corporations to successfully recruit Iraqi expatriates and individuals to fulfill their company’s high demand for linguistic and subject matter experts in Iraq.

SGI maintains a large database of Iraq expatriate and individuals with multilingual, multicultural capabilities, and subject matter experts on a variety of subjects. On a daily basis, SGI recruiters help clients resolve address their shortage and unavailability of sufficient qualified personal to provide services to US government agencies in Iraq. SGI recruiting services are among the best to find qualified individuals immediately for hire to provide unique service in Iraq.


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