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Abdulrahaman Aubeed, Chairmen and CEO
Mr. Abdulrahaman, “Abd”, obtained his Civil Engineering Degree from Baghdad University in 1971. Abd has 30 years of engineering and business experience in both Iraq and throughout Europe:  He has held various managerial and supervisory positions in Iraq Government on multibillion dollar projects in Iraq and Europe.  He has held various engineering positions ranging from Technical Manager to Chief Engineer.   
Mr. Abdulrahaman has 23 years of experience at various Iraqi ministries; he held senior posts at both the Ministry of Industrial and Ministry of Electricity prior to his retirement. His aims and objectives in business are simple:  to provide reliable services to meet and exceed his client’s expectations.
Mr. Abdulrahaman  is married and has 4 children.  He is fluent in English, Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish. He maintains residencies in Iraq and in Holland, and he has dual citizenship in Iraq and the Netherlands.


Waria Salihi, President
Born in Kirkuk, Iraq,  graduate of Management and Econ Mosul Unv. Mr. Salihi’s entrepreneurial prowess started at an early age.  he cofounded the Service Company in Kirkuk. Mr. Salihi has 22 years of experience in business management and he has held several executive managerial posts at major international companies.
Mr Salihi business principles strands on two pillars.  The first is dignity, honesty and the highest ethical practices in business. The second principle is providing reliable, timely and cost effective services to clients.  These principles have shaped the culture of the SGI; these fundamentals are carried on daily by SGI team, and these fundamentals set SGI aside from other company with flawless reputation.
Mr. Salihi, is also the founder of PelePost Express, WSGI, and Al Aman Finance Center.  He is fluent in English, Arabic, Turkish, and Kurdish. He well  recognized among business community and government officials in Iraq.

Nazar  Janabi, Senior vice president
A former Iraqi army officer and an engineer by training, Mr. Janabi served from 2004 to 2006 as director general for defense policy and requirements in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. In that position he played a leading part in planning, training, and equipping the new Iraqi armed forces. His duties included designing the Ministry of Defense's civilian structure, establishing its military organization, and setting standardized processes for force requirements and procurement.
Mr. Janabi Joined SGI in 2009, and his vast experience regarding Iraq defense requirement have helped SGI clients with in depth analysis and understanding of  Iraq  defense requirement and procurement.
Mr. Janabi  is  graduate of the Military Engineering College in Baghdad, he completed a master's degree in mechanical engineering at Baghdad University in 1997. he also completed his second master in public administration  at Harvard Unv. JFK school of Gov 2007. 


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