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Salihi Group International (SGI) is a diversified cooperation and one of the leading business

organizations in Iraq.  SGI is owned and operated by a highly regarded management team that has extensive experience doing business with the various sectors within Iraqi and abroad.  The SGI team is intimately familiar with the needs of both the private and public sectors in Iraq.  Multi-national corporations continually seek out SGI’s representation services to match their company’s products with the needs of each Iraqi Ministry.    

SGI was initially established in 2003 as an Iraqi engineering and consultancy registered corporation.  By 2005, SGI had grown to a multi-million dollar company which was operating in multiple sectors including Foreign Company Representation and Consulting,  Power Generation, Defense and Security services, and Logistics.  

SGI’s International Headquarters is located in Iraq’s Capital, Baghdad.  SGI has several other fully staffed offices throughout Iraq, some of which are in the strategic locations of Kirkuk, Basrah, and Erbil.  SGI has satellite offices in Istanbul, Turkey, and Washington, D.C.

SGI’s expertise lies in providing its clients with insights into the Iraqi market they wish to penetrate and helping them achieve their business goals.  This expertise enables SGI to provide its clients with Complete Solutions in Complex Markets .  

Whether targeting business with government  or private sector in Iraq,  SGI is expert in providing support, intelligence and guidance to its clients and help them to meet their objectives with  minimum effort  or runaround in complex market such as Iraq.

SGI has always endeavored to provide a realistic approach and cost effective solutions to its clients. This in turn has differentiated SGI from its competitors and has helped SGI earn awards for its consultancy and engineering excellence.  

Today SGI represents some of the world’s largest companies in Iraq, including Raytheon International of USA, Nanjing Elc of China, and Enka Teknic of Turkey.

SGI’s code of conduct and ethics is in-line with US FCPA and Iraq government relevant laws. Each SGI employee is required to attend a formal business ethics training course, as SGI has a zero tolerance policy for unlawful practices. These strict ethical guidelines have helped SGI earn its honest reputation and awards in a marketplace that can be known for unscrupulous behavior.  

SGI’s solid commitment to business ethics and professionalism separates it from the competition, and it is these commitments have allowed SGI to develop solid long term relationships with its clients.



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